Granulators for plastic resin size reduction

Scrap processing in plastics manufacturing creates efficiency and sustainability. A better size reduction system creates high quality regrind for smoother injection molding and downstream extrusion processes.

But too many plastics manufacturers treat size reduction as a necessary evil managed in piecemeal, slapdash fashion — even when the rest of their line contains well-conceived systems.

The truth is, a size reduction system custom-built for your facility and application does more than pick up the scrap. It makes your entire process more efficient. Get more cycles out of your material. Perform more cycles with less maintenance. Give your regrind process expert attention. Learn what it’s like to work with Conair.

What our customers say

“I want to get our systems to really work for us, and Conair is the company helping us get there.”

“Conair offered the whole package. It wasn’t piecemeal. So that was one of the reasons we went with them. And then of course their reliability.”

A go-to partner solves problems faster than a network of suppliers.

We guarantee equipment performance without exception. If equipment fails, we own it and resolve the problem quickly.

Call us 24/7, you won’t wait more than 17 seconds for a human answer. Request a quote, and we’ll respond in less than 24 hours.

Same-day part delivery leads to same-day issue resolution, so we keep a $26 million component inventory at your disposal.

Expertly designed equipment and turnkey systems reduce risk and deliver a smarter operation.

TrueBlend TB45


CPC MedLine® equipment




Carousel Plus dX Models 15-100


Combination Puller/Cutter


Thermolator TW-P

Heat transfer

8 Series Viper Granulator

Size reduction

Welded Steel or Aluminum Silos

Material storage

Using one equipment vendor simplifies onboarding

Go from struggling through constant onboarding to engineering constant advancement by letting our expertise ease the pain.

Our common HMI simplifies staffing, and we manage our own installation teams, so you can focus on your job.

Working with us

Lean on our engineering expertise

You need equipment designed to solve your unique problems and elevate your one-of-a-kind facility.

Our team of 40 engineers and product developers solves problems with an average of 20+ years of experience in plastic processing.

No matter what’s holding your facility back, we’ve seen it and solved it before.

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Efficiency pays for itself

Sometimes you know you could be more efficient, but you don’t know how.

Reach out to an expert equipment supplier. Our insight is on-demand, and we’ll offer guidance even if it doesn’t involve new Conair equipment.

For a conveyor belt manufacturer, a casual conversation with Conair turned into a regrind overhaul driving plant-wide efficiency gains.

Learn how equipment paid for itself

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