Touch Controlled MedLine Machine-side Drying

This already superior dryer line has now been improved, painted RAL 9003 white and calibrated to ISO standards to help you achieve higher profit margins with increased productivity and product quality in medical applications. The seven-inch high-resolution DC-C control has bright, crisp graphics and includes trending screens. For cleanrooms, the touch screen is able to be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, and is chemical resistant.

Purchase this dryer and you will find that you have more control over drying dewpoint and temperature than ever before, in a package that is simpler, smaller, lighter, more energy efficient and easier to use and maintain than any other dryer on the market today.

Simple to use, advanced touchscreen control - chemical resistant

Intuitive screen navigation will allow you to easily view critical drying parameters such as dewpoint, temperature and alarms. The 7-inch DC-C Premium is the most easy to understand, yet fully featured drying control ever produced.

Medical application approved

As with all MedLine products, Conair has done all the up front work to make your equipment ready for medical applications. This dryer is calibrated to ISO standards and features stainless steel and RAL 9003 paint. These dryers use no desiccant beads or compressed air which can create dust in the process and environment.

Maximum uptime, maximum reliability

The D Series includes significantly fewer parts and easier access for easy maintenance, so you can expect less wear, less downtime and many years of trouble-free operation. The desiccant wheel is a solid, continuously rotating trouble-free desiccant module. Shift-after-shift, year after year, these dryers will deliver worry-free drying performance.

Choose the control you need... DC-A or DC-T

MedLine® Carousel Plus W Dryer control panel

  • Processor type: Allen Bradley micro 850 PLC
  • Display/HMI screen: 7-inch color
  • Trending screens
  • English/metric units
  • Password protected
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Temperature setback (manual and auto)
  • Dewpoint monitor
  • Dewpoint control
  • Auto Start
  • Energy usage meter

MedLine® TouchView control panel

  • Processor type: Proprietary
  • Display/HMI screen: 8-inch color
  • Trending screens
  • English/metric units
  • Password protected
  • Web enabled
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Temperature setback (manual and auto)
  • Return air temperature display
  • Solid-state heater contractors with isolation protection
  • Dewpoint monitor
  • Dewpoint control
  • Real-time clock=time of day
  • Date format selection
  • Auto Start
  • Multiple hopper control

  • Audible and visual alarm – A combination of a blinking red alarm light and a horn alert the operator to any shut down alarm.
  • Temperature setback – Automatically reduces the drying temperature to a lower standby mode when the machine throughput is reduced or stopped.
  • Dewpoint monitor – Monitor the performance of the dryer with a digital dewpoint readout of the drying air.
  • Dewpoint control – Allows the dryer to maintain an operator-selected dewpoint level. This feature helps prevent overdrying of moisture sensitive materials such as Nylon.
Volatile Trap

For materials that give off plasticizer residue when dried, an optional Volatile Trap is recommended to demist the volatiles from the hopper’s return air and collect them prior to the air entering the desiccant. Volatile traps extend desiccant life and reduce maintenance and include a convenient drain spigot.


For drying temperatures below 150°F {65 150°C}, an optional Precooler is required to remove the internal heat of the dryer for low temperature drying. Precooler water connections match those of the standard aftercooler as listed in the specifications section.

Process filter check

To conveniently monitor air flow critical for drying, the Process Filter Check option provides an alarm when the resin drying air filter is blinded, jeopardiz- ing effective drying. Process Filter Check provides essential guidance to maintenance intervals.


When connected to a network the controller on the network may read actual temperatures, change setpoints, read dryer status, and process and display this information at a central location. Ethernet communications are available.

Drying Monitor

Save time and money from the aggravation of improperly dried material. The Drying Monitor automatically monitors the heat profile inside your drying hopper with a 6-zone temperature probe, to protect resin from over or under-drying. A control alarm and a light tower alert if proper drying is in jeopardy. Advanced notice provides time to correct issues instead of wasted drying and product defects from common issues