Industry 4.0 Platform for Total Plant Intelligence

Get the ultimate Industry 4.0 IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution for your auxiliary equipment and watch your profits grow while production downtime disappears.

SmartServices® is a unique cloud-based platform that offers the ability to connect all of your plastics processing equipment (even older or non-Conair equipment) to a single web-based dashboard, analyzing equipment data and converting it into usable, actionable information for operators, maintenance technicians, plant managers, and even procurement specialists.

Conair’s SmartServices dashboard not only gives you access to your connected equipment wherever you are – it also can give Conair the ability to remotely troubleshoot and diagnose issues, so that you can get support when you need it.


Machine view and control

The SmartServices dashboard not only gives you visual display of the performance of all your connected equipment, it also allows you to control some equipment as if you were standing in front of the HMI. Now you can adjust settings, start and stop, and even address alarms without being in the plant, facing the equipment.

Alerts and Personalized Notifications

SmartServices makes it easy to send alerts to specific personnel. Maybe Karen is the only one who needs to know when a blender runs out of material, and Steve only needs to know when a dryer alarm occurs. That’s all easy to configure, with simple settings in the dashboard.

Avoid downtime

SmartServices really is smart. As soon as one of your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for a piece of equipment isn’t what it should be, you can see it visually on the dashboard, or be notified of the situation. Now you’ll know there’s a future issue with a piece of equipment BEFORE there’s a warning alarm and before any shut down situation. This gives you time to change a setting, avoid the problem, order parts, or plan scheduled maintenance.


  • Machine Control: Allows direct control of machines from SmartServices
  • Machine View: Graphic view of machine with real time readouts
  • Shift Reports: Emailed daily to a custom recipient list
  • Archive Data: Store data for several years for QA purposes or reporting as needed
  • Machine Health: Green, yellow and red buttons next to each machine show the health of the line, the equipment and the specific set points
  • Remote access: Access your SmartServices plant from any computer or tablet
  • E-mail alerts: See alarms in real-time with e-mail alerts
  • Remote troubleshooting: It’s like having a Conair technician working in your plant
  • Help Now Button: Click to contact Conair service specialist.
  • No need to purchase new equipment: SmartServices can be used on legacy equipment without the expensive cost of purchasing new equipment to receive key features


  • Power consumption and power quality
    • Display and monitor power consumption and quality for a comprehensive view of machine health
  • Current detection
    • Check the potential for machine failure by its current draw

  • Requires wifi or LAN cable to connect machines to cloud
  • System Includes SmartServices hub to connect one or multiple machines