Industry 4.0 Platform for Total Plant Intelligence

Get the ultimate Industry 4.0 IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution for your auxiliary equipment and watch your profits grow while production downtime disappears. Conair SmartServices® is a unique cloud-based platform that offers the ability to connect all of your plastics processing equipment (even non-Conair equipment) to a single web-based dashboard for monitoring, alerting and AI (Artificial Intelligence) based algorithms.

Prioritize your machine alarms to reduce post-event down time with customizable user level alerts and designation of alerts based on priority for each job role in your plant, from Operators to Maintenance Technicians and Presidents and Plant Managers. Alerts are available by e-mail to assigned individuals designated to receive each type of machine alarm as they occur. Everyone in your facility has a cloud-based view of information in an easy-to-navigate format. One key advantage to Conair’s SmartServices® is the forethought to use a web-based interface. No more maintaining old computers to keep a plant-monitoring system “alive” and worrying about what version of Windows you’re using. As SmartServices® updates, the web interface automatically updates, and is easily accessed on your computer or tablet – today, tomorrow, and ten years from now.

SmartServices® allows you to view each machine graphically to make auxiliary equipment monitoring a breeze. Observe – from any location – all equipment set points and live data and get feedback on the performance of your equipment instantly. Get your Uptime Guaranteed™ with SmartServices® and experience the only true Industry 4.0 solution available today.

Connect any brand of auxiliaries to a single platform

SmartServices allows for connections of any brand of plastics processing auxiliary equipment to the platform. This gives you the ability to connect any machine and monitor its status. State-of-the-art graphical interface is cloud based. Other technologies rely on a software program installed on your computer. These programs are not future-proof for upgrades to Windows® and require re-installation of software in the future or maintaining old computers with old operating systems to keep your plant running. This outdated method of plant control is now eliminated by the cloud-based system.

Prioritize your machine alarms and e-mail service alerts

Machine errors and alarms can be customized to specific users. Only the right users will receive the right alarms as they are occurring. Plants have a very wide variety of equipment, each with its own alarm lights or horns. These alarms are easy to ignore when they occur frequently.A machine alarm with the potential to shut your line down sounds the same as an alert for a simple fix. Discriminating between these alarms via emails to a mobile device allows operators to address important alarms and warnings, and to understand which machine is alarming and for what purpose before guessing what tools/parts may be needed and getting on a lift/ladder or before dispatching a service technician.

Easy to understand platform which provides important and meaningful data

Most MES and Industry 4.0 solutions only show streaming data and large volumes of inputs which creates data overload. These systems cannot help operators understand the most important variables to machine health in a simple, graphical way. By incorporating a Machine View screen, that shows an image of the equipment with arrows pointing to each sensor output versus setpoint, auxiliary equipment operators can understand which parameters are in and out of spec by visually identifying them on the machine’s own image. A view of a dryer, for example, identifies hopper inlet air temperature, temperature gradients within the material hopper (with Drying Monitor™), outlet air temperature, dewpoint monitoring, target moisture level, and more. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are highlighted at the top of the screen for quick view.

  • Machine Control: Allows direct control of machines from SmartServices
  • Machine View: Graphic view of machine with real time readouts
  • Shift Reports: Emailed daily to a custom recipient list
  • Archive Data: Store data for several years for QA purposes or reporting as needed
  • Machine Health: Green, yellow and red buttons next to each machine show the health of the line, the equipment and the specific set points
  • Remote access: Access your SmartServices plant from any computer or tablet
  • E-mail alerts: See alarms in real-time with e-mail alerts
  • Remote troubleshooting: It’s like having a Conair technician working in your plant
  • Help Now Button: Click to contact Conair service specialist.
  • No need to purchase new equipment: SmartServices can be used on legacy equipment without the expensive cost of purchasing new equipment to receive key features

  • Power consumption and power quality
    • Display and monitor power consumption and quality for a comprehensive view of machine health
  • Current detection
    • Check the potential for machine failure by its current draw

  • Requires wifi or LAN cable to connect machines to cloud
  • System Includes SmartServices hub to connect one or multiple machines