White Paper:

10 Questions to Answer When Considering Which Dryer is Right for Your Application

The answer to the question “Which dryer is right for my application?” is most likely, “Well, it depends.”  In this white paper, we explore some of the factors that it depends on.

The material or materials you are drying will influence almost every decision you make about a dryer and, if you are running many different materials, you’ll want to specify it with your most challenging material in mind.

But beyond what material and how many different materials you’re processing, there are several key questions to address in order to optimize the drying process. In this white paper, we explore the 10 questions to answer in order to choose the right dryer.

Learn more about considerations related to:

  • Material
  • Regrind
  • Moisture content
  • Throughput rate
  • and more

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