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Automatic Dryer Adjustment Boosts Energy Savings as Throughput and Ambient Conditions Vary

Dryer manufacturers, including Conair, have done a great deal to reduce the amount of energy required to dry a given amount of resin. Today, processors who follow the drying guidelines of the major resin manufacturers can expect their power consumption to be as low as a few hundredths of a kWh/kg of material dried.

Still, with electric utility rates remaining high, and with no prospect of a significant drop, drying seems to be an unavoidable drag on profitability. The situation becomes even worse when throughput drops – even temporarily – below 100% capacity. That’s because, in most drying systems, drying air volume is fixed.  This white paper analyzes the differences between standard and energy-efficient dryers.

Learn more about:

  • The electric cost to dry polycarbonate
  • The electric cost to dry ABS
  • The electric cost to dry PET

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