On-Demand Webinar:

Choosing the Right Chiller: Saving Money & Energy

We’re willing to admit it – chillers and heat transfer products can be confusing. Today’s chillers are more exciting than ever – offering process flexibility along with never-before available energy savings and utility savings capabilities.

Processors often come to us with many questions about chillers, like which chiller is better per application, what size do I need, and what if my application changes?

In this presentation, Heat Transfer General Manager Jim Fisher shares his wealth of knowledge from 30+ years in order to help you understand chillers better.

Download to learn more about:

  • Why heat transfer is needed
  • How to quantify heat transfer loads for proper sizing of cooling systems
  • The 3 main sources of heat in plastics production
  • Principles of heat transfer
  • Questions to ask for chiller applications
  • Fixed-speed vs variable-speed compressor units