White Paper:

Granulators and Shredders Have More in Common Than You Might Think

Granulation, grinding, chopping and shredding are all common terms to describe the specific task of scrap size reduction that is a by-product of plastic processing. Every plastics processing facility not only produces a certain level of imperfect product that is rejected as scrap, but also generates ‘start-up’ scrap as a result of initializing their production process and refining their manufacturing.

For many processors, successfully reclaiming their scrap can make the difference between profit and loss. However, in order to retain its value – whether it is recycled back into the process or sold to others for recycling – scrap usually must be reduced to a manageable and uniform size. That’s where granulation and shredding equipment comes in.

This white paper discusses the similarities and differences between granulators and shredders.

Learn more about how granulators & shredders compare regarding:

  • Volume
  • Density
  • Feeding method
  • Form of the scrap after size-reduction

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