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From dryers to blenders to post-extrusion equipment, and everything in between, Conair manufactures auxiliary equipment designed to deliver exceptional performance, rugged reliability and easy maintenance.

With over 450 available products, we have the most broad selection of equipment for all your processing needs, backed by over 60 years of experience.


  • Material Storage: Silos, Surge Bins, Gaylord Tilters, Accessories
  • Conveying: Self-Contained Vacuum Loaders, Compressed Air Material Loaders, Central Vacuum Receivers, Conveying System Controls, Vacuum Pumps/Dust Collectors, Bulk Conveying Systems, Material Distribution, Material Line Valves, Material Hoppers, Accessories
  • Drying: MicroWheel Dehumidifying Dryers, Carousel Plus Dryers, EnergySmart® Drying System, Drying Monitor, Hopper Temperature Controllers, Gas Process Air Heater, Hot Air Dryers, Drying Hoppers, Central Drying System, Compressed Air Dryer, Crystallizer
  • Blending/Feeding: Gravimetric Batch Blenders, High Heat Gravimetric Batch Blenders, Extrusion Control Blenders, Continuous Gravimetric Blenders, Blender Reporting Software, Intelligent Weigh Scale, Accessories, Feeders, Intermixers, Floor Stands
  • Heat Transfer: Temperature Controllers, Portable Chillers, Cooling Tower Systems, Central Chillers, Pump Tanks, Accessories, System Solutions, Thermolator Accessories
  • Size Reduction: Beside-the-Press Viper Granulators, Central Viper Granulators, Thermoforming Viper Granulators, Shredders
  • Upstream Extrusion: Extrusion Control, Film Trim Reclaim Systems
  • Downstream Extrusion: Vacuum Sizing Equipment, Spray Vacuum Sizing Equipment, Cooling Tanks, Belt Pullers, Cleated Pullers, Cutters & Saws, Coilers, Takeaway Conveyor, Dump Tables, Accessories

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