What’s the actual cost of a pellet? Is it insignificant? Can a pile here or there add up to make a real difference? At Conair, we strive to make every pellet count.

When the goal is to increase production rates, any material you lose to scrap is a waste. Conair helps make every pellet count by helping processors utilize that scrap by converting it to regrind and re-introducing it into the process. Conair’s Viper granulators efficiently grind scrap or waste plastic into consistently-sized granules that can be reused in the manufacturing process. This reduces waste and saves on material costs while improving overall production efficiency.

The best possible regrind is highly consistent in size, with a minimum of dust, fines, and longs. Consistent regrind melts evenly during processing (like virgin pellets), while dust and fines melt too quickly – burning, which produces black spots and scrap parts. Dust and fines result from dull blades and worn screens that smash or pulverize plastic, instead of cutting it. That makes a big difference by creating consistent, small pieces, similar in size to virgin pellets. Dust and fines don’t convey and process well, so one of two things happen. Often, they are captured by a filtering system and filtered out of the regrind and thrown away (waste). If the dust remains in the regrind when processed, it can result in a bad production run, which only creates more scrap.

If you’re looking to minimize waste, then you need to gear up with a granulator. They’re the best tool for the tough job of re-utilizing wasted resin. The key to successful reuse of scrap is to have the appropriate equipment that is properly sized and maintained. Our expert team can help match you with the right products by:

  • Ensuring that rotors and knives are sharp enough to cut scrap cleanly, without the friction that can cause scrap to overheat and melt, or the dullness and maladjustment that pulverizes scrap into useless dust and fines
  • Choosing equipment that is appropriately sized and designed for your application (tangential cutting vs super tangential cutting chamber, with appropriate throughput and hopper design)
  • Choosing equipment that is easy to adjust, service, and maintain, with safety features that protect operators and maintenance personnel
  • Proper evacuation – assuring the regrind is successfully conveyed from the granulator and delivered to the next step in the process.

And unlike the grinders of the past – today’s new generation of granulators are smarter – giving you the ability to monitor and track energy use, maintenance needs, and the overall health of the machine. This all results in higher quality regrind and improved efficiency. Not only that – today’s granulators are easy to learn and operate, featuring the same look and feel as other familiar Conair equipment.

Additionally, Conair granulators are designed to be energy efficient and operate quietly, making them a sustainable and practical solution for plastic recycling.

Learn more today by contacting Conair at info@conairgroup.com, or visiting conairgroup.com/products/size-reduction.