White Paper:

Granulating Scrap Successfully

Today’s marketplace features dozens of different granulators. How do you select the right granulator and features to deliver maximum regrind quality and process efficiency in your applications?

The secret to effective use of granulated scrap in plastics processing is uniformity. Clean, uniform granulate, produced at high output rates, with minimal energy consumption, noise generation, and maintenance requirements, is critical to efficient and profitable operation.

There are literally dozens of different granulator designs available, each of which may offer benefits in certain circumstances. Ideally, a granulator should be specified to process scrap of a particular size and material type at a particular rate. But realistically, granulators are used to doing not only their specified jobs, but also to offer some versatility in processing other similar materials.

Learn more about:

  • 6 considerations for selecting the right granulator
  • Advances in granulator technology
  • Various optional features and how they might impact your operations

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