On-Demand Webinar:

How to select and maintain size reduction equipment for maximum ROI

Selecting and maximizing size reduction equipment will add to the bottom line. This on-demand webinar explores several key topics around what design criteria and application questions are required.

In this session, you will learn to ask the right questions to select the proper and most efficient granulator or shredder. We will show that proper selection, use and maintenance of size reduction equipment increases efficiency and safety while decreasing costs and downtime.

This webinar was presented by Dave Miller, General Manager, Size Reduction at Conair Group and hosted by Plastics Technology.

Download to learn more about:

  • The 5 design criteria for selecting size reduction equipment
  • The 7 application questions required for proper sizing
  • Choosing between a granulator or shredder
  • How proper maintenance ensures optimal efficiency & longevity
  • How evacuation affects efficiency