White Paper:

Making Sense of Vacuum Pumps for Conveying

Today, there are four major types of vacuum pumps used for resin conveying. These types offer different levels of design, efficiency, power, and performance characteristics that place them in unique price and performance niches. When it comes to common conveying jobs, such as high-speed, dilute-phase resin conveying, it is possible that any of several types of these vacuum pumps may be “sized” to do the job.

However, there are vitally important differences that should be carefully considered to ensure an optimum “fit” for any conveying system application. And, while most pump types can meet current requirements for dilute-phase conveying, only a couple of types meet the requirements for use in slower-speed, dense-phase conveying systems like Conair’s patented Wave Conveying system.

This white paper outlines key facts important to decision making.

Learn more about:

  • Considerations for vacuum pump efficiency
  • Four major types of vacuum pumps
  • Sizing vacuum pumps
  • Key characteristics of vacuum pumps

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