If you are like most processors, you search for anything you can do to reduce cycle time and increase productivity. One simple solution is to shorten the cooling portion of the injection molding cycle. Mold cooling can account for as much as 75% or 80% of the total cycle time. It just makes sense that anything you do to cut cooling time will have a huge impact on cycle time and increase productivity dramatically. As an added benefit, enhanced cooling may also reduce warping and shrinkage of molded parts.
As an example, take a hypothetic molding machine running on a 16-second cycle. If 75% of the cycle time is for cooling, that would account for 12 seconds. If you can reduce the cooling portion of the cycle by just 2 seconds, you will increase your productivity from 225 cycles per hour to 257 cycles per hour – an increase in productivity of almost 15%. Reduce cooling time by 4 seconds and you would run 300 cycles per hour and increase output by 33%.