White Paper:

Rethinking Resin Conveying:

Conair’s Patented Wave Conveying™ System

Plastics processors rely heavily on material handling systems to contain, protect, and deliver resins and other materials that are essential to production and business success. Yet, virtually all current vacuum conveying systems are built around high-speed, dilute-phase conveying, a decades-old technology. Is there a better, and more profitable, way to convey?

Wave Conveying creates a totally controlled conveying environment. This new approach virtually eliminates material damage, delivers higher throughputs, and maximizes ROI for plastics processors.

Learn more about:

  • Overcoming the problems of dilute-phase conveying
  • Key questions: understanding & controlling conveying velocities
  • How the Wave Conveying system achieves total conveying control
  • High throughput conveying, optimized to material type
  • Conveying capabilities across the spectrum: from dilute phase to wave conveying

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