White Paper:

Taking the Guesswork Out of the Drying Process

Proper drying is the key to ensuring quality in parts made of engineering thermoplastics. Considering how costly these materials are, it is easy to see why it is so important to have good data about what is actually happening in the drying hopper and to use that information to gain tight control over that process.

A patented device called the Drying Monitor measures temperature at several different levels in the drying hopper, documenting whether or not conditions are right for proper drying. This white paper examines why this information is so important, how the device works and how it can be used to take the guesswork out of the drying process and give you a higher level of control over the quality of your products.

Learn more about:

  • Problems when running a polymer that is incompletely dried
  • The principles of drying
  • What goes on in the drying hopper
  • The 3 levels of control

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