You can’t eliminate every possible problem. But you have to try. Since the invention of vacuum conveying, problems like angel hair, dust, snake skin, abrasive material and broken pellets have
been destroying your process, clogging material lines, ruining parts, wearing out elbows and being an overall nightmare in your plant. But not anymore.
After years of selling dust filters, angel hair traps, specially designed elbows and devices to patch the problems associated with high speed conveying of plastic pellets, Conair has fixed the problem with Wave Conveying™. This patented material-handling system is the first revolution in material conveying since vacuum loading replaced hand bucket loading 75 years ago. A system like no other, Wave Conveying eliminates all of the problems caused by high-speed vacuum conveying. It gently conveys waves of material through conventional tubing, so it can be retrofitted into your plant today.