On-Demand Webinar:

Wave Conveying

You’ve never seen conveying like this.

This webinar introduces Conair’s patented Wave Conveying system, which virtually eliminates pellet fracturing, “angel hair” and equipment wear caused by high-speed vacuum conveying.

Comprised mainly of standard vacuum-conveying components, the Wave Conveying system allows molders to convey material at whatever speeds provide the best throughput without damaging equipment or resin.

This presentation reviews the problems associated with high-speed vacuum conveying (also called dilute-phase conveying), which has been the standard approach to plastics resin conveying for decades. It discusses the development and testing of the system, a general description of its design and operation, and customer use cases to confirm its practicability and effectiveness.

Download to learn more about:

  • The history of conveying systems
  • How Wave Conveying was developed
  • How variable speed conveying works
  • The advantages of variable speed conveying