New Conair PowerFill 8 vacuum conveying systems combine the essentials of larger vacuum conveying systems – a powerful vacuum pump, dust collector and PLC-based touchscreen control – into a compact and portable console unit that is designed to serve up to 8 destinations. PowerFill 8 units, which are mounted on two wheels, can be quickly moved with only a tilt and a push for easy positioning and setup in proximity to material sources and production machines.

Featuring an Allen-Bradley PLC and 7-inch touchscreen, PowerFill conveying units easily link to any Conair receivers through flexible vacuum conveying hoses, line valves, manifolds, or other conveying hardware. Making electrical and communications connections between conveying components is simple, thanks to plug-and-play cables that run from receivers and valves to the PowerFill 8 unit’s I/O panel. All PowerFill units operate on three-phase AC power.

In operation, PowerFill 8 units utilize PLC logic and user touchscreen inputs to manage a full range of loading functions, including single-material, ratio, volume and time-fill loading for up to 8 receivers. Receivers may be equipped with gravity valves, positive-discharge valves, demand ratio valves and purge valves, as well as remote demand and fill sensors. Users may also choose an option that adds an idle-mode valve, which allows the vacuum pump to continue running between loading cycles to reduce the number of pump stop-start cycles and prolong pump life.

Conveying controls, which are accessible through the touchscreen display, utilize the same graphical icons used in the FLX-128 Plus and other Conair conveying controls. These shared HMI features simplify learning, navigation and control operation, while displays offer complete operating, status, and alarm information for attached equipment. Context-sensitive help information is available in every screen display to simplify all aspects of setup, operation, and troubleshooting.

PowerFill 8 vacuum conveying units are available in three models, offering maximum throughputs that range from 900 to 3200 lb/hr (408 to 1452 kg/hr) over maximum tubing lengths from 100 to 225 ft (30.5 to 68.6 m):


Throughput, lbs.(kg)/hr. Motor HP (kW) Maximum tube length, ft(m) and diameter
PF8-3 900 (408) 2.33 (1.75) 100 (30.5), 1.5-in tube
PF8-4 1300 (590) 3.6 (2.7) 175 (53.3), 1.75-in tube
PF8-6 3200 (1452) 6.16 (4.6) 225 (68.6), 2.25-in tube

PowerFill 8 units are designed and engineered for long life with minimal maintenance. Vacuum pumps, ranging in size from 2.33 to 6.16 HP (1.75 to 4.6 kW) feature three-phase direct drive, brushless motors that require no oiling and have no belts to maintain. All units include high-capacity dust filters that can be removed without the need for tools, making cleaning or filter replacement a snap. Should additional dust collection capacity be needed, optional Cyclone or DC1 Dust Collectors may be added.

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