SmartFLX Conveying Control

Auto-Configuration; Intelligent Flexibility

Conair revolutionized control of conveying systems with the FLX (flexible) control. SmartFLX is the fastest (6000 times faster to be exact) control ever – designed specifically for today’s newest conveying technology. The SmartFLX maintains all the features and capability that made previous versions so popular, plus more! Smarter, faster, and stronger, the SmartFLX is easily expandable and can continue to grow with your plant. This system is designed to be easier to install, configure, and use than any other conveying control – all with lightning speed.

The flexible control system utilizes a combination of centralized I/O and expansion modules, interconnected via industrial Ethernet or fiber to provide control of up to 128 receivers, 40 pumps, and 128 source valves. A large color touchscreen with descriptive graphics, enhanced diagnostics, and advanced help screens assures that any user will be comfortable with the control.

Lower capital cost and lower long-term operating costs. Win-Win!

Communications in microseconds

No delays here. The SmartFLX is literally 1000x faster than the previous generation. Seconds count, so we’ve made sure that the SmartFLX operates and communicates much more quickly than any other control. Once you try it, you’ll be impressed.

Economical and expandable

Buy for the components you have today, and then expand with additional modules as your business grows. The SmartFLX is the right choice for small systems all the way up to 128 receivers and 40 pumps. (Larger systems available Summer of 2021.)

Minimize wiring with modular components

Groups of receivers, pumps and valves can be easily added with a simple Ethernet connection or fiber cable to modular expansion panels. And every time you add a new component, you’ll get an up-to-date clean wiring diagram.

Easily control small to large conveying systems; grow as you go

SmartFLX Operating System Screenshot
Operating System

An entire group of receivers can be viewed at once and each function is exhibited so you know exactly what’s happening in your operation. Shown are loading, dumping and demand activities.

SmartFLX on-demand reporting screenshot
On-Demand Reporting

Many on-demand reports from preventative maintenance reports by device to alarm history.

SmartFLX detailed screens screenshot
Detailed screens

From selecting equipment interconnections to adjusting load times, monitoring and managing resin movement throughout your factory has never been easier.

Central vacuum unloading

SmartFLX has the ability to not only load hoppers and machines, but also unload vessels that need to be kept evacuated, like granulator bins. A level sensor in the bin can trigger unloading from multiple bins to a common receiver, or dedicated receivers.


  • Add simple expansion panels for groups of receivers, pumps, source valves or a combination of receivers and valves
  • Control where you need it. Up to six (6) full color operator interface panels can be located wherever is best for you Each panel controls the entire conveying network
  • Remote alarm and/or Remote HMI with alarm
  • Conveying with Optimizer, AI-driven and easily retrofittable to the SmartFLX
The Optimizer Valve works in conjunction with the AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities of the SmartFLX, and the pump, receivers, and sensors to fully optimize any conveying system.

Model Comparison