New MedLine™ ML Series loaders and MR Series receivers from Conair combine compact, cleanroom-ready design and construction with smaller material capacities and throughputs that make them ideal for medical processing applications on injection molding machines up to 400 tons.

These new loaders and receivers are specifically designed for easy bolt-on mounting (no drilling necessary) to Conair MicroWheel™ dryers or other smaller material hoppers. All feature electropolished 304 stainless steel construction and are built around a 4.5-inch tubular body that helps ensure smooth, uninterrupted material flow into attached hoppers.

ML Series Loaders.  The ML Series are self-contained vacuum loaders, each equipped with upgraded 3/8-hp vacuum motors and body seals that enable them to convey materials over longer distances – up to 20 ft (6.1 m) – than other loaders of comparable size. The smaller ML-1 loader provides material throughputs of up to 75 lbs/hr, while the larger ML-2 loader is equipped with a 5-inch-tall glass extension that boosts their throughput to up to 100 lbs/hr.

A quick-disconnect lock and hinged motor assembly offer easy access to the loader body and filter assembly for fast filter maintenance or material changes. ML Series motors are available with an optional blowback feature that provides an adjustable cleaning cycle to prolong filter life. A fill sensor in the receiver body communicates with the receiver control to control hopper filling.

The loaders can be operated using a range of controls, starting with a standard ELC-16 control package that provides user-adjustable loading cycles to match distance and material requirements. By adding an optional ControlMate™ remote-control pendant, users gain access to a menu of advanced loading controls, as well as the option to add and operate a ratio valve that allows the receiver to simultaneously load virgin and regrind materials. ML-1 loaders can also be operated remotely using larger, plant-wide conveyor controls the FLX-128 Plus.

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MR Series Receivers. MR Series are designed to operate as part of a central vacuum-conveying system. Material is delivered through a top-mounted vacuum sequencing valve, which can swivel in any direction to simplify hose installation. A quick-disconnect clip opens the hinged lid, swinging the vacuum valve out of the way for easy access to the receiver body and filter screen for maintenance. The MR-1 receiver has a material-holding capacity of 1 lb, while the larger MR-2 receiver has a 5-inch-tall glass extension that increases its capacity to 2 lb. A discharge valve, mounted on the bottom of the receiver, incorporates a demand switch that automatically replenishes the receiver and hopper.

In most cases, MR Series receivers are operated remotely from a central conveying control like the FLX-128, working with a Conair Universal Terminal Box that is mounted on each receiver.  However, MR Series receivers can be operated in standalone mode if they are equipped with a Conair ELS-16 control.

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