MedLine® ML Series Loaders

MedLine Medical Loader

Medical Application Loading Up to 100 lbs/hr

The MedLine® ML Series Loaders are designed to be the perfect self-contained vacuum loader for medical applications. Designed to work seamlessly with Conair MicroWheel™ dryers, the ML Loader easily mounts to the lid of the MicroWheel (no drilling or fitting necessary) and keeps the MW hopper full.

Available in two convenient sizes, the ML Series has a throughput rate of up to 100 lbs/hr {45 kg/hr}, for loading varying drying hoppers.

All stainless construction

The ML is constructed of 100% electropolished 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel and RAL 9003 paint maintain the clean bright look expected in a cleanroom.

Rates up to 100 pounds per hour {45 kg/hr} (virgin resin)

Keep your drying hopper full with material conveyed from up to 20 feet {6.09 m} away. The vacuum created by the ML motor is 24% more powerful than the motors used in similar sized loaders, enabling the ML to pull longer and higher. The ML seals are designed to handle the increased vacuum, and perform for long periods.

Optional remote on/off

Optional pendant on/off switch saves machine climbing or “plug-pulling” for easy on/off loader control.


  • A Conair MedLine ML1 or ML2 Loader’s compact size and ease-of-use make it a perfect fit for a wide range of needs.
  • Quick disassembly features allow wide open access to the filter and loader body for fast material changes and filter maintenance.
  • The upgraded 3/8 Hp vacuum motor provides up to 100 lbs/hr {45 kg/hr} conveying at nearly 20 feet {6 m}. A blowback option extends filter life with an adjustable, independent filter cleaning cycle. Hose and feed tube are included so that your loader is ready to go to work, right out of the box.
  • A simple control package provides a user adjustable loading cycle to match your loading cycle to distance and material characteristics.
  • Add the ControlMate™ pendant for advanced loading features. Add on the optional ratio valve for virgin and regrind material loading capability (requires the ControlMate pendant).

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