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  • Choose from 450+ auxiliary equipment products for plastics processing
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    Working on an Expansion or Full Line Replacement?

    Turnkey Equipment Systems

    At Conair, our projects and system design team — the largest in the industry — engineers and executes over 200 systems a year and can do the same for your facility.

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    Auxiliary Equipment for Plastics Processing:

    Over 450 Products Available

    Did you know we offer all of the auxiliary equipment you’d ever need for your molding and extrusion processes? Not only do we have blending, conveying, drying, downstream extrusion, heat transfer, material storage, and size reduction equipment, but we also have a common control platform and Industry 4.0 functionality.

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    Feel confident that, by choosing Conair, you gain access to a vast wealth of industry knowledge. You’ll get 24/7 tech support from a team with an average of 13+ years of experience, as well as our vast library of over 680 pieces of documentation.