Gaylord Tilters 299 and 120 Series

Gaylord Tilter

Safely Directs Materialsto Conveyor Feed Tubes

Conair Tilters provide a safe method of moving free-flowing materials to one corner of a shipping container for complete emptying by a vacuum loader. These newest tilters include a built-in safety ratchet, which does not allow tilt-back of the tilter until the operator desires. This prevents the possibility of pinch points under the gaylord and tilter. Conair Tilters are built tough to withstand heavy use on production floors.

The tilters can be used beside your processing machines or in remote central material storage rooms to assure a constant flow of material throughout your plant. Once emptied, simple foot- or hand-operated controls level the container for removal and replacement.

Wide capacity range

Capacities for 1200 lb, 1500 lb, 2500 lb and 3000 lb loads.

Prevent material voids

Air or electric-operated vibrators are available to prevent material voids.

No electricity required

Compressed air operated.

Gaylord Tilter Features

Floor-level Gaylord Tilters
Floor level tilters

Floor level tilters are either hand or foot operated and can hold containers up to 2500 lb. They can be set for either manual or automatic operation and include a safety ratchet that keeps operators safe.  It can be easily loaded by a hand truck or pallet mover because the box platform is flat on the floor. A heavy-duty air bag device slowly fills with compressed air to automatically tilt the platform and container as it is emptied. An adjustable conveyor feed tube support is included.

Raised platform Gaylord Tilters
Raised platform tilters

Raised platform tilters are operated by heavy-duty air cylinders. This type of tilter is adjusted so that it will start lifting the container when less than 500 lbs remain in the box. Then it slowly tips the box to a 45° angle to assure smooth continuous feeding to the vacuum feed tube.  

Automatic or manual operation

Tilters can be set for either manual or automatic operation. The tilters will automatically swing up as material is emptied to assure a constant flow of material.

Gaylord Tilter Options

  • Electric or pneumatic vibration kits (electric vibration kit requires 110 VAC)
  • Full-tilt indicator light
  • Gaylord cover

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