Continuous Gravimetric Dosing Accuracy

Conair’s Blendo Adroit is designed to blend resin in extrusion processes where dosing accuracy and complete homogeneous dispensing of additives to the throat of the extruder is required.

Modular construction allows you to start small or go big – capable of blending between 2 and 6 components at the machine throat. The modular resin bins also allow for quick cleanout and fast ingredient changeover.

The Blendo is the choice blender for processors with fiber applications that require precision and repeatability.


Fast material changeovers

Each material hopper (bin) has a drain spout for quick and complete emptying of each ingredient.

Cascading mixer

The Blendo uses a cascade mixer which provides outstanding ingredient dosing, including resins with different bulk densities and pellet size.

Food-grade materials and finishes

Conair’s Blendo Gravimetric loss-in-weight blender has food-grade materials and finishes, making sure that all the resin contact surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

Model Comparison