Cyclone Action Captures Dust without Filters

Conair Cyclone Dust Collectors remove up to 90% of the dust before it ever reaches the filter in your filtered dust collectors. Incorporating the Cyclone into your vacuum line greatly reduces the filter maintenance frequency, and filter replacement frequency of your Conair DC1, DC2, or DC3 Dust Collector.

The Cyclone Dust Collector uses the nature of physics to remove dust particles from your line. The cycloning action of the air inside the carbon steel cyclone drops the dust particles into the dust collection canister. No power or compressed air are required.* Service consists of periodic emptying of the dust canister.

Quick installation into new or existing systems

The filterless, sealed cyclone is installed in front of the system dust collector. A free-standing frame allows easy placement close to, or away from the pump/dust collector. Inlets and outlets are modular, allowing a range of pump and tubing sizes to be connected. The Cyclone is available with line sizes ranging from 1.75 inches to 4.0 inches O.D. {44.5 – 101.6 mm}.

Simple to maintain

The Cyclone includes no moving parts, and no filter. No utilities are required. Service consists of periodic draining of the dust collection bucket. Utilizing the Cyclone also reduces dust collector filter service and extends filter life.

Cyclone dust collector auto pump
Auto-Dump option

Automatically ejects the collected fines and dust at the conclusion of each vacuum cycle. The Dust Collector can be placed over an open drum or gaylord to receive fines. An elevated frame is recommended, or the DC1 and DC2 Dust Collector bodies may be wall mounted.