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DC Models Dust Collectors

DC Model Dust Collector

Dust-Free Vacuum System Filtration

Conair Dust Collectors keep your plant free of air-born dust and fines and prevent dust from fouling the vacuum pump.

A central vacuum dust collector allows dust filtration to take place at the floor level. An air-tight collection container makes the removal of fines quick and easy.

Automatic filter cleaning is standard, lengthening the time between service requirements. DC1 and DC2 models use an integrated “popper valve” to remove dust from the filter, while the DC3 has a sophisticated sequential blowback system.

Automatic filter cleaning

The cartridge filter releases entrained dust with each cycle.

Tangential air/dust inlet

Preliminary air/dust separation takes place right at the dust collector inlet. The tangential inlet causes the air to spiral upon entry, spinning the dust free from the air.

Flexible application

Easy, screw-in line adapters in a wide range of sizes mean that each unit works with a variety of pumps and line sizes.

Auto-Dump Option

Cyclone dust collector auto pump

Automatically ejects the collected fines and dust at the conclusion of each vacuum cycle. The Dust Collector can be placed over an open drum or gaylord to receive fines. An elevated frame is recommended, or the DC1 and DC2 Dust Collector bodies may be wall mounted.

Model Comparison