ECO Series Outdoor Chillers

ECO Series Outdoor Chillers

Wide Operating Conditions Compact Footprint

ECO Series industrial outdoor air-cooled chillers feature a compact, all-in-one package specifically designed to maximize usable space, while decreasing installation costs and electric bills. Perfect for harsh outdoor environments, the ECO Series require nothing special to operate in ambient conditions of -20° F to 125° F {-29° C to 52° C}. Standard process fluid temperatures of 20° F to 80° F {-7° C to 27° C} are ideal for industrial applications.

Up to 12 total refrigeration circuits can be combined into a single system, for up to 720 tons of cooling capacity. Thanks to the modular design, system sizing and expansion is easily accomplished.

Resilient construction - Industry best ambient temperature range

ECO Chillers are built in an ISO 9001-certified facility using the highest quality materials available, including stainless steel evaporators to resist corrosion. Scroll compressors are direct-drive and hermetic to minimize the need for maintenance. These ECO outdoor air-cooled chillers operate in -20°F to 125°F ambient temperatures, which allows installation in many climates previously not suited for an outdoor air-cooled chiller.

Robust PLC control system

The ECO enables quick monitoring and control, using a clear, simple-to-understand 7- inch color touchscreen display. Compressor protection technology, run hour displays, power monitor, temperature deviation alerts, and a flexible setpoint range are key features of the control. There are also functions available for automating run time and low-load cycling limits to extend compressor life.

Green Cool technology

Instantaneous, continuous calculations are performed to save energy with increased efficiency at partial load with automatic refrigeration pressure control.  The results – energy savings, increased temperature stability under varying load and condenser inlet temperatures, dynamic control of fans and valves, and increased machine lifespan. We call this Green Cool technology.

ECO Outdoor Chiller Features

ECO Chiller touch screen control
Full-function color touch screen control

A 7-inch color touch screen offers full control of the ECO Chiller. With flexible set point range, compressor protection technology and run-hour displays, power monitor, temperature deviation warnings and many more features and options, the ECO chiller is intelligent, and easy for operators to manage.

Variable speed fan motors

EC (Electronically Commutated) motors ensure energy efficient operation as well as low noise levels. Coupled with electronic expansion valves, Conair’s Green Cool Technology uses the fans to maximize energy efficiency for all ambient conditions and machine loads.

Direct drive scroll compressors

Direct drive hermetically sealed scroll compressors are used in all ECO Chillers. These compressors have proven performance
in industrial cooling for reliable, low maintenance, and efficient operation.

Dual circuit built-in redundancy

All ECO Series chillers include dual refrigeration circuits with multiple compressors. The 80 through 120 ton units also incorporate independent process fluid circuits as well. Automatic compressor lead/lag sequencing is standard. The PLC control integrates up to 12 circuits across multiple chillers.

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