EP1 Series Chiller – Air & Water Cooled

EP1 Portable Chiller

Precise Temperature Control; Compact Footprint

The Conair EP1 Series Portable Chillers are designed for 1 to 3 ton applications. Available as air-cooled or water-cooled, with pump sizes from 1/4 to 3 Hp {0.2 to 2.2 kW} for air-cooled units, and 1 to 3 Hp {0.7 to 2.2 kW} for water-cooled units, the EP1 Series boasts nonferrous construction (evaporator, pump, reservoir and piping) to resist corrosion, a compact footprint with easy-to-access interior, and a control that provides precise temperature control along with extensive diagnostics.

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Dependable chiller performance

Designed with a comprehensive group of built-in protective features, the EP1 assures dependable performance with minimum downtime. A 2.5 minute anti-cycle timer prevents excessive compressor cycling. A low-load thermostat extends operating time at idle and low-load conditions and a non-cycling low pressure switch specifically designed for portable chillers helps protect the compressor from damage and unnecessary wear.

More standard features

The EP1 Series Portable Chillers come equipped with standard features that other manufacturers would offer as options. Features which guarantee long life, simple operation, and quality end results are included as standard with this series.

Energy efficient

Constructed with the energy efficient and reliable rotary compressor (1 ton unit) and the energy efficient and industrial scroll compressor (2 and 3 ton units), these compact chillers save you money by saving energy.


Control Features:

  • Two easy-to-read LED digital displays show “Actual” and “Setpoint” temperatures
  • Manual reset of safeties from front panel eliminates need to open chiller cabinet
  • Thirty minute deviation delay stops nuisance alarms during start-up and setpoint changes
  • Compressor cycling delay prevents short cycling
  • PID control program algorithm provides ± 1°F / °C accuracy
Mechanical Features:
  • Electronic hot gas bypass for stable capacity control
  • Air-cooled units have copper tube / aluminum finned condensers and includes air inlet filter (optional on one-ton unit)
  • Remote condenser units include a galvanized steel remote condenser with fans and copper tube / aluminum fin coils with a nitrogen holding charge
Electrical Features:
  • Compressor, pump and condenser fan starters mounted and wired to motors
  • Single-point main power block for simple wiring connection
  • Freezestat safety switch with solid state sensor
  • Encapsulated high and low refrigerant pressure safeties
  • Pressure or flow switch interlocked with compressor


Control Options:

  • Hand-held, remote control operator panel
  • Audible alarm
  • “From Process” temperature readout
  • Remote alarm contacts
  • Remote on/off contacts

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