FilterLess Series Central Vacuum Receiver

FilterLess Receiver

Versatile Loading For Mid to Large Throughput

Pellets, virgin-regrind mixes, dusty/problem materials, coarse powders — Conair FilterLess Vacuum Receivers can handle the job. The FilterLess vacuum has the ability to convey dusty materials and free-flowing powder larger than 100 microns in diameter. Each FilterLess receiver has a patented “filterless insert” that uses continuous reversal of vacuum air to separate incoming material from conveying air without filters or screens. The process provides dramatic air/material separation without relying on filtration.

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Thick wall steel construction

Cyclone receivers are precision-engineered, in carbon steel or stainless steel.

Built-in sequencing valves

No need for extra wiring or plumbing.

Simple, no-tools clean out

Material changes are fast and easy with quick-release latches on the receiver lid, and the drop-in filterless insert. No filters, no screens.

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