In-Plant Surge Bins

In-plant surge bin

Easy Storage; Easy Access

Conair offers a complete line of in-plant surge bins for convenient storage of a variety of blended or virgin materials. Conair Surge Bins accommodate your storage needs with a range of bin capacities from 17 ft3 to 514 ft3.

For critical applications, bins can be constructed of contamination free stainless steel. Conair Surge Bin lids are pre-drilled to accept your choice of Conair loading and blending equipment.

Wide range of sizes to meet your needs

Conair’s storage options are ideal for processors of any size, from the SB48 model, for processors with smaller needs to keep materials ready for distribution, to the SB84 bins, which can hold a truly massive amount of pellets.

Heavy duty construction

Our surge bins are made using 14-gauge steel, with a painted exterior and an epoxy- coated interior to reduce wear and tear over time.

Hopper cone options to work with any material

Two cone configurations are available for the hoppers, depending on the material they will be storing. Hoppers for pellet storage usually have a 45° cone bottom. For powder and hard-to-flow materials the hopper includes a 60° cone.


  • One or two strip sight glasses (depending on model)
  • Painted exterior
  • Lid with two access panels and one bolted section with standard IB04 or IB07 mounting pattern
  • 16.25-inch square flange bottom with 15-inch square bolt pattern
  • Epoxy coated interior
  • 45° hopper cone
  • 1.25-inch NPT level sensor openings (plugged)


  • 4-inch drop tube with butterfly valve
  • 12-inch manual slide gate
  • 60° hopper cone for non free-flowing materials
  • Ladder
  • Handrail
  • Leg extensions
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special paint

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