Mobile Cart Dryers with Conveying Control For Your Medical Processes

Mobile drying and conveying systems eliminate the need for machine-mounted hoppers by placing all components on a safe, convenient cart.

Set-up, pre-drying, clean-out and maintenance can all take place without tying up valuable process machine time, or climbing on the machine.

The dX MedLine system integrates an efficient Carousel PlusTM Dryer with a conveying blower, dust collector and direct-feed vacuum receiver to convey with dry air to the throat of a processing machine. The self-loading option adds an integral hopper loader which allows the dX to load itself. If you don’t need dry-air conveying, order a non-dry air conveying dX with a dryer and hopper, and add a self-contained vacuum loader. Painted RAL 9003 medical white, with stainless steel material contact points, the MedLine dX is built to meet ISO standards.

Simple to use, advanced touchscreen control - chemical resistant

The DC-C control on the dX dryers makes controlling your mobile drying and conveying easier than ever. The 7-inch Premium touchscreen control has descriptive help screens for operators and features detailed trending screens, auto start capabilities, password protection and has Conair’s Drying Monitor capabilities built into the DC-C Premium control (requires the appropriate hardware).

Closed-loop drying/conveying

Each unit provides drying temperatures up to 375°F {191°C}, automatic desiccant regeneration and dewpoints of -40°F {-40°C}.

No-downtime material changes

With a spare dX system, material changes are fast. Roll one unit to the processing machine, while another heats and pre-dries material for the next run.

DC-A Control Features

  • 7-inch color touchscreen
  • Trending (dewpoint, temperature, heater on-time)
  • Auto Start
  • Allen-Bradley micro 850 PLC
  • Easily switch between english/metric units
  • Password protected
  • Temperature Setback (manual and auto)
  • Energy usage meter
  • Easy, familiar Loader Control

MedLine® W Dryers home screen
Simple home screen

MedLine® W Dryer setup
Easy dryer set up

MedLine® W Dryers settings and graphic aid
Dryer settings with graphic aid

MedLine® W Dryers trend functions screen
Trend functions - track resin drying

Feature Descriptions

  • Audible and visual alarm – A combination of a blinking red alarm light and a horn alert the operator to any shut down alarm.
  • Temperature setback – Automatically reduces the drying temperature to a lower standby mode when the machine throughput is reduced or stopped.
  • Dewpoint monitor – Monitor the performance of the dryer with a digital dewpoint readout of the drying air.
  • Dewpoint control – Allows the dryer to maintain an operator-selected dewpoint level. This feature helps prevent overdrying of moisture sensitive materials such as Nylon.
  • Communications – Allows the dryer to be networked to industrial control systems. When a dryer is connected to a network, the controller on the net-work may read actual temperatures, change setpoints, read dryer status, and process and display this information at a central location. Ethernet communications are available.

  • Volatile trap
  • Precooler
  • Process filter check
  • Communications
  • Drying Monitor
  • Dry air conveying
  • Hopper loading (+ ratio)
  • Aftercooler flow control