MedLine® TrueFeed

Conair MedLine® TF1

Gravimetric Feeding; Calibrated to Medical ISO Standards

Optimize your feeding process with the Conair MedLine TrueFeed gravimetric feeder. Units are simple to install and use, extremely accurate and economical. These color and additive feeders deliver accurate feeding rates on the basis of continuous loss-in-weight metering technology with closed-loop control of the feeding speed. This MedLine version of Conair’s popular TF Feeders is calibrated to ISO standards and features RAL 9003 paint.

The MedLine TrueFeed can be used in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding processes. All models operate with the same bi-lingual, user-friendly touch screen control.

Reduce your material costs

The consistency of this feeder ensures that every pellet counts. Absolutely no material waste. Unique dispensing cylinder eliminates pulsing outputs of auger and pocket type feeders.

Increased productivity

The TrueFeed™ does not require time-consuming color calibration when materials are changed. Eliminates machine downtime associated with conventional volumetric feeders.

Unbeatable accuracy

The dispensing cylinder is driven by a stepper motor for consistent speed. The design ensures that the colorant is dispensed evenly, extremely accurately, and without any pulsation from the cylinder into the plastic, giving you maximum control of the process and the end product.


No tools required for material and color changes.
The unit is easy to disassemble. Simply release the knob holding the deeder to the scale, remove the feeder, pull back on the slide gate to drain the material from the hopper, then release the motor clamps and remove the motor and dispense cylinder.


MedLine® TrueFeed compressed air loading lid
Compressed air loading lid

Choose the TrueFeed with the compressed air loading for processing granular pellets.

MedLine® TrueFeed™ Gravimetric feeding throat adapter
Throat adapters

A variety of throat adapters are available to fit with your processing machine. The standard adapter has a 76 mm diameter inlet and 45 mm square outlet. See following pages.

MedLine® TrueFeed compressed air vacuum loading lid
Compressed air vacuum loading lid

Use the TrueFeed with the vacuum loading option for dusty or granular materials.
The vacuum loading option offers increasing pulling power and a filter to trap dust and fines. Vacuum is generated with compressed air.

MedLine® TrueFeed™ Gravimetric feeding water adapter
Water-cooled throat adapter

This throat adapter provides temperature isolation from hot dried material. Used when combining a temperature sensitive additive into a hot dried material.

MedLine TrueFeed dispense cylinder
Dispense cylinder

Cylinders are designed to provide a non-pulsing consistent feed and are more accurate than traditional auger screws. The cylinders allow for quick and easy change out during cleaning. Several sizes are available to fit with your application.

MedLine® TrueFeed™ Gravimetric feeder alarm box
Alarms - visual and/or audible

An alarm light and/or a alarm horn are available to alert the operator to low material level.

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