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microTemp Thermolator® MTC-B

Smaller Size; Greater Efficiency

Processors asked for a reliable temperature control unit, with a reduced footprint, that saves energy. The microTemp MTC checks all the boxes. A new design provides a water temperature controller for maintaining process temperature with circulated water that has been heated or cooled to a desired setpoint, with new control technology. What’s better – the cabinet got smaller! The MTC is 22% shorter than the previous generation of the microTemp, and 42% shorter than a standard Thermolator TW series. And the footprint – it’s 25% smaller. When space is a concern, MTC is the answer.

New, familiar control systems

Designed with the same control platforms as the Conair TW Series Thermolators, the MTC-B and MTC-T offer the same functionality, in a smaller box. No new operator system to learn here. And if you’re a new operator, contextual help screens show you how to operate the machine without stressing about making the wrong setting.

Compact, low-profile

It takes some engineering to fit 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound box – but Conair has done it. The new MTC is not only 42% smaller than other Conair Thermolators, it’s also 22% shorter than the previous MTC-1 design. At just over 14-inches tall, we believe this may be the smallest TCU available in the industry. This unit will fit in applications where others will not.

Industrial grade

A cast heater and pump, industrial heaters, efficient pumps, and service interval prompts ensure that your compact MTC will last. Some TCU brands might be “throw away” units – Conair designs equipment for the long haul.


Incoloy heaters

Made to resist damage from high temperatures and chemicals.

Low pressure auto-resume

The TCU will automatically resume operation at the desired setpoint once minimum required pressure is available to the unit.

Welded contactor detection

If a contactor fails to open as it should, the control will sense the failure and alert the operator.


Compressed air purge valve

Quickly evacuates fluid from the process circuit, allowing for faster, cleaner disconnection of the temperature controller from molds and hoses.