MicroWheel Models

MicroWheel Series Dryers

The Ultimate Compact, Clean Desiccant Wheel Drying Solution

Conair’s MicroWheel dryer is the perfect solution for processes that don’t need the capacity of a large dryer and hopper, but still need the efficiency and reliability of Conair’s desiccant wheel drying technology.

As the smallest and most compact dryer of its type on the market today, Conair now offers this perfect option for applications requiring a small and efficient dryer/hopper combination. Designed with the medical industry in mind, this dryer features stainless construction, clean operation, and a compact footprint.

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Application flexibility, less dust, energy-efficient

Designed for flexibility, the MicroWheel can be used with a large variety of materials, with a delivery air temperature range of 131 – 356°F {55 – 180° C}. The delivery air blower automatically adjusts airflow based on application throughput, which saves energy and makes drying more efficient. In addition to being more energy-efficient than compressed air and twin-tower dryers, the MicroWheel does not create the dust that twin-tower desiccant beads produce. This makes the MicroWheel perfect for medical and applications that require clean operation.

Easy setup with built-in material database

Changing from one mold or production setup to another is quick and easy. The MicroWheel has a built-in material database. Simply select the material type from the list, set your desired rate, and the dryer performs all the necessary calculations for optimum dryer settings. In addition to the up to 30 pre-set materials, user material settings can be saved as well.

Built-in intelligence to protect your material

All MicroWheel dryers now come programmed with Smart Mode, which protects your material and drying process. When activated, Smart Mode automatically adjusts the process air flow to protect resin from over drying, and to increase drying efficiency. This is accomplished by maintaining a constant delta temperature for the return air temperature. It’s like cruise control for your dryer.


MicroWheel Control
Advanced Drying Control

  • Built-in material database for easy operation:
    • Select the material from list
    • Set the required rate
    • Dryer performs all calculations necessary
    • User Settings can be easily saved
  • Smart Mode:
    • Adjusts the process air flow
    • Protects resin from overdrying
    • Increases drying efficiency
    • Maintains a constant delta temperature
  • Easily view:
    • Drying temperature
    • Dewpoint
    • Airflow
    • Operation Status
  • Red LED alarm Light
  • Remote Control kit

Dessicant wheel
Dessicant Wheel

  • Proven desiccant wheel operation
    • The cleanest, most efficient drying medium used today. Continuous wheel rotation provides uniform, spike-free drying that is easily monitored
  • Gear driven:
    • No belt, no chain
  • Full process, regeneration, and cooling stages
  • Dust-free, bead-free honeycomb desiccant media
  • Minimal air flow required:
    • Air flow is automatically adjusted to match throughput requirements
  • High energy efficient
  • Quiet

MicroWheel Dryer interior
Inside the Cabinet

  • Single-phase electrical connection
  • No water or compressed air required
  • Compact hopper-mounted package
  • Clean, efficient operation
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Designed for precision molders and medical production


Loader adapter

An adaptor for Conair TLM or TLR Tube Loaders.

Network connection kit

RS485 Modbus serial is available for communications.

Weekly timer kit

Set a timer for auto start/stop of dryer.

Filter check kit

Keep an eye on your process air filter.

MicroWheel dryer drain port/throat adapter
Drain port/throat adapter

A stainless steel mounting base is available with drain port and purge port.

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