Moisture Minder®

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Real-time sensing Real time savings

The perfect solution for in-line resin moisture analysis, Moisture Minder® accurately detects moisture in your plastic pellets in real time. This sensor is capable of detecting residual moisture in a broad range of materials at rates of 20-5000 lbs/hr. Historical trending and data logging helps to keep a record of your process performance over time for qualification and peace of mind. When used in conjunction with the Drying Monitor system from Conair, you can be certain that your drying process will produce only the best end product.

The Conair Moisture Minder will alert you to material moisture issues instantly so that you can confidently maintain the high standards your customers expect.


The Moisture Minder can easily be integrated into new or existing systems. This sensor is very flexible and capable of being used in most application including both Injection Molding and extrusion Processes.

Real-Time Alerts and Historical Trending

Moisture is read in real time in line with the process. This means that alerts and alarms can be set up to tell you before bad parts are made. Historical trending allows you to see how the moisture has changed over time and log files can be saved to validate that parts were created within the acceptable moisture range

No Moving Parts, No Problems

The sensor is 100% electric. There are no moving parts to maintain or change. The moisture minder is a supervision tool so its addition to your system will not impact your current production rates. A yearly calibration and clean out are the only regular maintenance suggestions.


Temperature Alarm Band

Alarm when product temperature is above or below set points

Historical Trending

Capture and review data for material moisture and temperature to review issues or validate product

Moisture Alarm Band

Alarm when product temperature is above or below set points


Communicate with the system or pull data to your plan supervision system using ModBus TCP/IP communications or option OPCUA protocol

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