MTC Series Coiler

Tension or Tensionless Winding with Manual Transfer

Conair MTC Series Coilers are available with a servo drive for tensionless winding, or an AC torque drive for tension winding. They can be provided in single or dual spindle configurations.

The MTC Series is best suited for applications where slower line rates are common and flexible or semi-rigid tubing and profiles need to be coiled.

Best accuracy with servo control

Spindle rotation, traverse motion and spindle speed are all servo driven. This provides the perfect in speed and positioning control for error-free high repeatability and optimum product tension throughout the entire high speed coiling and cut/transfer process. Finished spools require no dial-in for product changeover.

Distortion-free product

Optimum tension is achieved by an advanced control algorithm that calculates each successive wrap diameter to adjust coil speed and traverse motion relative to the tube size and puller speed. This allows the sonic loop control to perform as a fine-trim device and ensures accurate, distortion-free, error-free lay of each wrap. The following circuit allows automated ramp-up of the winder synchronously with the line at startup.

Recipes cut operator variability/error

Every operating parameter can be saved within a recipe for repeatable production consistency.

Model Comparison