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PipeMaster™ MDT & MTT Series Planetary Pipe Cutter

PipeMaster MDT MTT Pipe Cutter

Servo Driven Speed Synchronized Cutting

Conair’s PipeMaster planetary pipe cutters feature rotary chip-less cutting and cut with line rates up to 82 feet per minute. With motorized positioning adjustments, automatic line speed synchronization, and a touch-screen HMI, these PipeMaster cutters were designed for pipe applications from 0.63 to nearly 25 inches in diameter.

Automatic line speed synchronization

You don’t need to be a mathematician running calculations to operate this machine. The control automatically synchronizes to the line speed. Motorized positioning adjustments make operation simple for operators of any experience level.


The cutter is fully enclosed, with safety interlocks on all opening doors. Also, safety tunnels are included at each end of the machine, to keep operators away from all moving components inside the cabinet.

Proven technology

In the steel industry, planetary pipe cutters have been used for decades, because they’re found to be the best cutting method. In the plastic industry, this technology has also proven to be the best option for large diameter pipe cutting. The PipeMaster combines this proven technology with the ability synchronize to the line speed and make accurate cuts in-line, without a secondary cutting or cleaning process off-line.

Debris-free pipe cutting in line

Planetary cutters offer the best, most precise and clean cuts possible for in-line (or off-line) pipe cutting. The PipeMaster planetary cutters have a 7-inch color touch screen control, for operator control of the cutter set points. We know you want to keep the line moving, and sometimes the cutting process is what slows down the line. Not in this case – the PipeMaster Planetary Pipe Cuter can cut with line speeds up to 82 feet per minute. Whether you’re a brand new processor in the pipe market, or a long-time supplier, you know the value of equipment designed specifically for your process. Conair’s PipeMaster line is exactly that – an entire line of equipment, designed and manufactured from the ground up with pipe processors in mind. The PipeMaster system includes the pipe head, vacuum cooling tank, spray cooling tank, pipe haul off, planetary cutter, and tilting table– every piece of equipment that you need downstream of the extruder for your process. Finally, equipment just for processors like you, from an American supplier that you trust.

Product Support Tray
Product support tray

The support tray maintains proper support for the length of the pipe as it passes through the cutter.

Planetary Head
Planetary head

Planetary cutting provides the cleanest cut with least particulate for pipe cut-ting. This allows pipe to be cut in-line, without off line secondary applications.

Product Clamp
Product clamp

The product camp provides stability of the pipe as the planetary cutter makes each cut

Servo Table Travel
Servo table travel

Servo drives provide precision travel for the optimum cutting environment.

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