Conair MedLine® puller/cutter

Combination Puller/Cutter, MedLine Models

Highly efficient microbore tubing production

Conair’s extensive experience in medical grade extrusion equipment offers processors a wide selection of precision pulling and cutting equipment for...

Conair Puller/cutter

Combination Puller/Cutter, CPC Models

Follows the Process for Accuracy

Precisely pull and cut plastic and rubber tubing, rigid tubing, profiles, at precision tolerances and high cutting speeds. Combination Puller/Cutters...

Conair Servo Cutter

CSC Model Servo Cutter

Eliminate Part Length Variations

Conair (CSC) Servo Cutter Series precisely cuts corrugated, flexible, rigid tubing or custom profiles to precise lengths on-demand or automatically....

Sure cut rotary knife cutters

Sure Cut Rotary Knife Cutters

Cutting Torque to spare for Large Profiles / Tubes

Conair Sure Cut Series rotary knife cutters offer excellent versatility for processors who need one cutting system for a variety...

TPC Planetary cutter

TPC Planetary Cutter

Avoid Cutting Debris, Distortion, and Burrs

Conair’s TPC-5 Planetary Cutter offers a highly desirable, high speed tube cutting solution on a precision traveling table. The cutting...

TS Up-Cut Travelling Cut-off saws

TS Up-Cut Travelling Cut-off Saws

Follows the Process for Accuracy

Conair TS Series Up-Cut Saws offer heavy-duty cutting performancece for larger, thicker extrusions that cannot be effectively cut with fly...