Expandable, Manifold System for Multiple Lines

Conair Resin Selection Stations (table top fantails) are ideally suited for central drying and distribution systems that require conveying multiple materials to multiple destinations.

The Resin Selection Station can be placed anywhere between the material sources and destinations. The modular design provides a variety of configurations for flexibility and expansion.

Push-fit connectors make changing materials fast and easy. Simply purge the line to assure it is clean and primed for the next conveying cycle, then move the connector to the desired material source line.

Expandable to fit your needs

Modular components provide convenient expansion and a variety of configurations. You can choose the best combination of line sizes, manifolds and connectors to suit your applic

Easy to use

Simply move your material line hose from one connector to another to change material destina

Durable construction

Rugged construction ensures long life. Material contact points are non-ferrous to prevent contamination and require minimal maintenance.

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