SB-1 to SB-5 Upgrade Kit

SmartBlend 5

Upgrade to 5th Gen SmartBlend™ Technology

The Conair SmartBlend™ SB-1 was a very innovative control at the time of its release nearly 25 years ago. It was a color touch screen control on a blender, that held 50 recipes! Coming from thumbwheels and recipes hand-written on index cards, this was a huge advancement.

Over the last two decades, the SmartBlend control has drastically improved. The SB-5 control is far superior to its predecessors. The SB-5 is not only much more reliable, it can store 3000 recipes, and 4000 materials, making changing processes quick and simple.

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Simple, more versatile control

The SB-5 control is intuitive, easy to set up, operate and troubleshoot. All setpoints are displayed simultaneously. You just enter the percentages on the blender touchscreen control and the blender does the rest. The system automatically weighs the recipe ingredients in the proper sequence and maintains the correct blend relationship.

Store up to 30X the recipes in one control

Create and assign up to 3,000 easy-to-recall recipes and 4,000 materials with custom alpha-numeric IDs while the SB-1 control can only store 50-100 recipes. SB-5 will report resin usage data to a file on a PC or a USB flash drive. With SQL Reporting Capability the SB-5 control has the ability to collect each blender’s batch, resin usage (by name or recipe), and generate consolidated summary reports of this information across all blenders on the system.

Alarm storage and recall

Alarms are meaningful, with helpful messages to keep the blending operation running trouble-free. The SB-5 tracks up to 100 events and reports alarm time and error type, and are set according to user-defined parameters.

Intuitive, SB-5 touch screen control offers the industry’s best multi-component accuracy

This easy-to-use touchscreen control allows for fast setup of blender setpoints and automatically weighs recipe ingredients in the proper sequence to maintain correct blend relationship. Any position can be identified as any of the four material type selections, adding flexibility to your application setup.

Materials Usage on SB-5
Instantly see your materials usage

Material usage/totals screen tracks the number of batches, weights dispensed by bin and weight dispensed in total since the last reset.

Edit recipe on SB-5
View and make changes to the active recipe

Save and recall up to 3,000 recipes and 4,000 resin names in the Recipe Book.

Reporting on SB-5
Built-in reporting

Every SB-5 Blender control is equipped with the capability to help users track their settings, alarms, material consumption, shift and inventory needs.

On-call diagnostics

Diagnostic screen displays target set point percentage and actual percentage dispensed. Also displays start and finish weights for each material per batch. Verifies true and accurate blend performance.

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