SlimLine compressed air dryer

The Perfect Solution; The Right Price

Simple, reliable, good looks and the right price – everything you’d expect from a Conair dryer. The Conair SlimLine™ Series of Compressed Air Dryers offer a cost-effective drying solution for any low throughput applications and most resins.

The SlimLine is desiccant-free, moving parts are eliminated, energy consumption and maintenance costs are minimal.

This is the perfect solution for efficient drying at an affordable price.

Easy to use

Installation is quick and easy. The on-board control is simple to learn – all functions are clearly identified right on the dryer label. You won’t even have to think about this dryer once you start processing.

No maintenance required

No moving parts, no filters to contend with on standard units, no desiccant. This dryer will deliver the reliable performance you need.

Compact design

This slim, attractive dryer mounts easily to the throat of your machine. No need to buy or mount a separate hopper, the hopper for the SlimLineTM is incorporated into the sturdy, yet light-weight design.


SlimLine™ Resin Dryer controls
Simple, reliable control

You’ll have all the functionality you need and not be burdened by an overly complicated control. Actual and setpoint drying temperatures are continuously displayed. Control functions are identified right on the label. Toggle between the percentage output of the heater (read only) and the high temperature alarm setpoint. Choose to view the temperature in fahrenheit or celsius.

Conair standard handfill lid
Hand-fill lid

Models SL2.5 and SL5 come standard with a hand-fill lid.

SL with Loader
Loader fill lid

Models SL15, SL25 and SL50 come standard with an IB06 mounting interface for mounting a loader. The loader is sold separately. This unit is pictured with an Access AL Series Loader installed.


Conair membrane
Compressed Air Membrane

This option is necessary when the compressed air supplied does not meet the 40°F {4°C} dewpoint. The membrane serves as a refrigerant air conditioner and reduces the dewpoint to the 40°F {4°C} dewpoint specification. The included filters aid in cleaning the compressed air.

SlimLine™ mobile cart
Mobile cart

The mobile cart option allows the Slim-Line dryer and hopper combination to be quickly and easily moved from one location to another.

MedLine® ResinWorks System slide gate
Slide Gate

Shuts off the material flow and isolates the dryer from the machine throat.

Conair loader adapter
TLA Adapter for Loader Fill

This adapter lets you mount a TLA Loader to fill the hopper, eliminating the need to hand fill the material. Note: Adapter shown is for models SL2.5 and 5. This adapter is not required for models SL15 and 25. The TLA Loader will not be used with model SL50, other loaders are available.

Conair hand-fill
Hand-fill Lid

If you choose not to use a loader on Models SL15, SL25 or SL50, purchase the hand-fill lid to prevent material contamination.

Conair drain spec
Mounting Adapter with Drain

Install the mounting adapter with drain to facilitate clean out or material changeovers.

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