SmartFLX mini

Simple, effective control for small conveying systems

Conair’s SmartFLX mini is sized perfectly for a processor who wants current control technology, that’s simple to use for small localized central conveying systems. When your process is
in that size range where central material distribution system makes sense, but you don’t need the full capability and scale of a SmartFLX system, the SmartFLX mini is the tool you need.

The SmartFLX mini combines the flexibility of a modular conveying control platform, with the field-proven, industrial-grade control components, and the Conair common control platform. Common Control means that the SmartFLX mini creates the familiar user experience that your operators are accustomed to with their other auxiliary equipment – from Thermolators (TCUs) to resin dryers, to blenders, and more.

Small but powerful and economic

This mini control is a really big deal! Control logic previously only available for larger systems is now available for systems under 12 receivers, with up to 3 vacuum pumps. This allows processors to utilize central conveying without breaking the bank.

Standard central conveying functionality

Take advantage of available central conveying features for pumps (idle mode, dust collector control), sources (pocket valve, purge valve, granulation evacuation, common line valve), and even multi-source receivers or ratio receivers. Priority loading, load and hold, keystroke logging, fill sensor operation, multiple password levels, and multiple languages are available as standard, with the SmartFLX mini.

Easy to configure

The predefined IO will allow for each receiver to be configured as a standard receiver, a multi-source receiver (e.g., granulation network), or as a ratio receiver. Each source can be configured as a pocket valve, purge valve, or as a granulation device / common line valve. The pumps include control for idle mode operation and dust collector control.

Model Comparison