ELC-16 Control for Vacuum Conveying

ELC-M and ELC-16 Models Controls

Simple-to-Use Pendant for Conveying Control

The Easy Loading Control (ELC) from Conair offers a simple-to-use interface for your conveying system. With the ELC, loading parameter...

Conveying system controls

FLX-128 Plus

With Recipes and VFD Control, Multiple Functions with Each Pump

Now with features never offered before by any conveying control, the FLX-128 Plus was designed for today’s newest conveying technology....


RCU Railcar Unloading Control

Manage Bulk-Resin Storage In Up To 30 Silos

The powerful Conair Railcar Unloading (RCU) package integrates control functions for multiple railcar unloading systems, airlocks, material-routing valves, and silo...