Thermolator® TW-T


Ultimate Control, with a Premium Thermolator

The Thermolator® TW-T Series is a top-of-the-line Thermolator package with extensive options for maintaining the process temperature with circulated water that has been heated or cooled to the required setpoint.

TW-T Series standard features: Intuitive touch screen HMI control,  pressure transducers, adaptive max setpoint, reverse phase detection, modulating cooling valve, solid-state relay heater controls, industrial heater construction, calculated flow rate, Ethernet communications, incoloy heaters and silicon carbide pump seals.

The TW-T Series offers consistent temperatures, extended range of capacity, and performance monitoring all in one unit, saving energy and increasing efficiency while the new smaller footprint saves valuable floor space.

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State-of-the-art touch screen control

Microprocessor controls offer uniform temperature control regardless of external loading. The HMI can be modified to display two values of the operator’s choice. Process supply and setpoint values are displayed on the control simultaneously. Built-in features include: Auto restart, Auto Cool Stop, pump running hours count, ramp/soak program, alternate and external setpoint selection, recipes, temperature deviation alarms & warnings, adjustable alarm delay times, alarm horn & silence switch, multi-level user security, error diagnostics, and simple-to-use
control screens. Perfect for new operators or experienced processors!

Auto-relief - no pressure relief puddles

The auto-relief feature uses the cooling valve of the Thermolator to relieve built-up pressure thus eliminating water puddles from a pressure relief valve opening.

"Casters up" warranty

Three full years on all Thermolator TW Series models.


Built-in pressure transducers

Pressure is displayed on the HMI. The TW-T control regulates the pressure as part of the Auto-Relief feature

Thermolator incoloy heaters
Incoloy heaters

Minimize chemical and high temperature damage

Modulating cooling valve

Eliminates water hammer issues with consistent temperature control


Follow the performance of the machine using temperature trends and flow rate trends


MedLine® compressed air purge valve
Compressed Air Purge Valve (Mold Purge)

Quickly evacuates fluid from the process circuit, allowing for faster, cleaner disconnection of the temperature controller from molds and hoses.

Corrosion Resistance Package

Protect components from damage with bronze or stainless external fittings, bronze castings, non-ferrous pump impellers, and stainless steel heater flanges.

MedLine® alarm packages
Alarm Packages

Call attention to alarm conditions with red alarm strobe light.

Stacking Rack

Save floor space by stacking TCUs two-high. The stacking rack can be used only with single-zone models.

Closed Circuit with Two Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Sizes

Offers greater performance, greater capacity, and less pressure drop.

Communications Options

SPI via RS-485 (Ethernet for ModBus-TCP & OPC-UA come standard.)

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