TrueFeed™ Micro Feeder

TrueFeed Micro Feeder

Pellet-by-Pellet Dosing Accuracy

Conair’s TrueFeed Micro Feeder can count and dispense standard and micro pellets on an individual basis. This optometric feeder is perfect for micro injection molded parts and laboratory or filament extruders, as well as for dosing and blending ultra-low doses of highly concentrated additives.

The TrueFeed Micro Feeder has the ability to dose less than 5 pellets per second, thanks to the patented sensing and dosing technology. Operation is simple – enter the required dosing size in grams, calculate your production rate, choose an operating mode (injection molding, extrusion, or batch) and the Micro Feeder will automatically create the perfect recipe and rate for your application.

Single micro pellet 100% dosing accuracy from optometric technology

What is the lowest capacity of the Micro Feeder? One single pellet per shot. This dosing technology is unique. Developed specifically for micro-injection molding machines, an air cartridge is used to create a vacuum behind the holes in a small disc. As the disc spins, the vacuum picks up a single pellet at each hole. A sensor detects each pellet and counts the dose pellet-by-pellet. The result: 100% accuracy.

Simple multi-feeder control

The 8-inch touch screen is easy to use and understand. Control a single or pair of Micro Feeders, or a Micro Feeder and TrueFeed combination. 500 unique recipes can be stored for quick access.

Cost savings from day one

Specially manufactured pre-compounds are very expensive. The Micro Feeder’s highly precise patented dosing system makes it possible to significantly reduce material expense by using standard virgin material and masterbatch or additive to create your own “compound”. Using standard materials rather than manufactured compounds, the ROI on the Micro Feeder can be felt immediately.

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