TrueFeed™ Touch Control

TrueFeed™ Touch Control

Precisely Controlled Dosing In-Line

Selecting the touchscreen control option for your gravimetric feeder gives precise control, optimum efficiency, and extreme savings. Using continuous loss-in-weight measuring, this TrueFeed™ Touch Control continuously calibrates dosages and adjusts automatically, ensuring the best results with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

This 8-inch touchscreen control is now available for all Conair TrueFeed Gravimetric Feeders, allowing very simple operation of single and multi-component systems.

Touchscreen simplicity

The full-color touchscreen allows for simple, intuitive screen navigation. It visually displays parameters as well as alarm descriptions, calibration process, current system status, and allows for download of history to a flash drive.

Multiple unit control

The TrueFeedTM Touch control advantage is not only that it is easier to use, it also allows for control of multiple feeders.

up to 50% savings of additives

Saving up to 50% of additives yields a huge return on your investment.

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