Water-Cooled Models W-210SK to W-463SK

Water-Cooled Central Chiller W-139 Model

Central Chilling With Large Capacity

Free up factory floor space with the Conair Water-Cooled W-SK Central Chillers. These large-capacity, heavy-duty chillers make the most of your energy dollars. Precise temperature control at the mold, die, screw or barrel results in faster cycle times and less warping and shrinking of the product.

Recirculating cooling water through a tower-chiller system also reduces water and sewer bills.

Rugged compressor design

The screw compressor has only four moving parts eliminating the need for pistons, connecting rods, wrist pins and valves. Fewer moving parts means less internal friction and greater efficiency.

Customized to fit your needs

Conair has the central chiller to match your process. Pick nominal chilling capacities from 210 tons to 463 tons. Smaller capacities are available.

Easy setup

Small unit size, factory wiring, easy lifting procedures and startup control logic result in quick and easy installation. And includes one day of startup services by a factory-trained technician.


Easy access controls

Control has automatic compressor and condenser fan sequencing, load limiting, and anti-recycle functions.

Operator interface

Monitors temperature and rate of change over time, effectively controlling compressor loading.

Tolerates slugging

Compressors are designed to handle liquid slugging

Low flow switch

Field installed to positively detect flow loss of evaporator solution.


  • Different LWT Ranges – Standard leaving water temperature ranges from 37° to 65°F {2.8° to 18.3°C} and optional temperature ranges from 10° to 65°F {-12.2° to 18.3°C}.
  • Remote Setpoint – Input for integration into the control system. Choose 4-20 mA or 2-10 V DC.
  • Disconnect – External handle allows local power shutoff to control center.
  • Compressor Warranty – Choose an additional two- to five-year compressor component replacement warranty.
  • Percent Full Load – Output indicating percent of chiller nominal RLA. Choose 4-20 mA or 2-10 V DC.
  • Programmable Relays – Factory installed relays for dry contact indication of chiller status with choice of relay assignments from a list of possible assignments.
  • Solid State Starter – Hybrid SCR/Contactor to extend starter life on units that will be starting frequently.
  • Smooth Bore Tubes – Smooth wall 0.035 inch {0.889 mm} tubes in condenser for high fouling water applications.

Water-Cooled Models W-210SK to W-463SK

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