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How AI is Revolutionizing Resin Conveying

Learn about Conair’s patented Conveying with Optimizer system, which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to overcome resin conveying issues automatically. Conveying with Optimizer uses valves, remote sensors and AI to eliminate conveying challenges that operators face daily throughout the plant.

With this new fully-retrofittable solution, interruptions like clogged filters, air leaks, changes in density or distance, moisture changes, and operators making manual adjustments can all be eliminated with Conair’s Conveying with Optimizer.

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Meet the Presenter:

Justin Carter is the conveying product manager. Justin is tasked with being Conair’s definitive expert in the conveying product line and leading that flagship product line. Justin has worked at Conair since March 2016, primarily working as a project manager in both material handling and heat transfer systems. Justin has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education mathematics.