Conveying with Optimizer

Automatic Conveying with AI Intelligence

Conair’s patented Conveying with Optimizer™ uses artificial intelligence to manage changing conveying conditions. A SmartFLX conveying control equipped with the Optimizer package automatically detects source-to-destination conditions (vacuum, receiver distance, material bulk density and other factors) then autonomously adjusts the conveying system in real-time to move material under optimal conditions. An Optimizer Valve replaces a traditional airflow adjustment tube.

Once the Optimizer Valve is enabled through the SmartFLX, it will continue to tune over time, adjusting the conveying system to tackle changes in the environment. Why would you need Optimizer valve? It helps you overcome reduced throughput due to air leaks, reduced filter capacity, poor airflow, resin type changes, varied distances from pump to receiver, and more!

Zero operator intervention (less labor)

Set it and forget it. Conveying with Optimizer (CwO) virtually eliminates the manual intervention previously necessary by operators. Remember the days of adjusting that feed tube at the bottom of the distribution box? Those days are history. CwO does it automatically.

Automation from pump to receiver (balanced system)

Changing rate? Optimizer adjusts. Changing material types/shapes/bulk density? Optimizer adjusts. Unequal distances between receivers with demand? Optimizer adjusts.

Future proofing (less headaches)

Even before you know you have an air leak, or a dirty filter – CwO knows. The Optimizer valve has been adjusting since day 1 – compensating for conveying issues like dirty filters, vacuum leaks, and even clogged lines.

System Components: SmartFLX Control with Optimizer Option

The Optimizer Valve is assigned to a Material Source in the SmartFLX. When enabled, the valve will automatically adjust to reach the set pressure. Valve Position and Live Pressure are displayed on the screen. The device can be set to alarm if the pressure setpoint is never reached. Manual control of the valve is available.