Deciding to build a new plastics processing facility – or to expand and modernize production in your existing plant – may be one of the most important business decisions you’ll make. To ensure that you make that decision carefully and profitably, consider partnering with the Conair Group.

Three great reasons to work with Conair’s Projects and Systems Design Team:

1)  Our Process. Commissioning more than 300 major projects a year, we work with processors like you to envision, design, procure, install, and ensure your success using a six-step process:

  • We sit with your team to learn, consider, and then summarize your needs and requirements.
  • We design a system solution, then meet with you to present our proposal, including a review of potential alternatives or suggestions to meet your requirements.
  • Once the proposal is approved, our project quote process begins with a thorough internal review, considering every detail of our proposal – equipment, installation, facility, integration, timeline, and resources – aimed at identifying potential concerns and eliminating future surprises.
  • When our quote is ready, we present our completed plan – scope of work, system drawings, bill of materials, timeline – for your comment and approval.
  • Upon order approval, Conair begins production and procurement, aiming at timely installation, startup, and training for your personnel.
  • And to ensure your success, we provide ongoing Customer Care.

2)  Our People. We employ 12 experienced project managers, each with an average of 15 years’ systems experience, who provide you and your team with a single point of contact and responsibility. Our engineering team includes 16 senior engineers and six product-development leaders averaging 20-plus years of experience. And every member of our installation, service, and support team – the largest and most experienced in North America – is a full-time Conair employee or a Conair-certified contractor.

3)  Our Equipment and Common Control. Conair’s team of experts can draw upon more than 450 auxiliary equipment products. Our drying, blending, conveying, and heat transfer products all offer Conair’s Common Control, a control platform that shares the same user interface, buttons, features, communication, and monitoring capabilities. This common approach makes it far easier to onboard and train new employees across different auxiliary equipment, even as it delivers real-time, actionable operating data to managers through SmartServices®, Conair’s innovative equipment monitoring and control platform.

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